Successful Campaign to give emergency services free travel through Mersey Tunnels  - Aug 2015


A campaign was launched to give emergency vehicles free travel through the Birkenhead and Wallasey Tunnels saving the Blue light services upward of £185,000 per year.

Parking Charges in our Country Parks.

The largest petition ever received (at that time) by Wirral Borough Council from residents against this proposal presented by me and a Tory councillor from Wirral West, was ignored and ruled out by the Labour run administration. This is still being disputed, and the hope is that the decision will soon be overturned.

Saving Our Walk-in Center​

We have successfully stopped our walk-in center from being closed now Twice. This U-turn from the CCG was brought about by a lot of hard work from all parts of the community and a cross party effort proving that working together can produce great results.

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